I don’t ever send music off for review or to record companies or to whatever. My music is mine and belongs to me and no-one else. I decided to send a copy of “The Luckiest Man in the World” to Sound on Sound – a magazine I have read since the early 1990s and is key to my musical education – in order to see if I could get some feedback on the quality of my music production. Unfortunately, the review didn’t really go that way and evolved into a more traditional music review. The criticism is valid, but I was hoping for more on my mixing and overall sound of my album. Oh well, maybe I should make some sweeping soundtracks instead?

My album reviewed in Sound on Sound magazine

Look at my manic, smiling face - hee hee hee...

And to mark this epic review, I might as well point you in the direction of where you can get it:

Here and here.

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