Saw the new Kate Bush video on the TV last week. I wasn’t expecting her to appear in this new video, but I tuned in because I felt it was some sort of event and it was being billed on Channel 4 as a bit event. The video itself was very 1980s. There was a dancing Elvis jumpsuit (circa the “Fat Elvis” period), lots of black and white imagery taken from the song and old Elvis on the mountain, dancing with his reunited jumpsuit. There was also Kate too. Now I was thrilled to catch a glimpse of her again, but in order to hide the fact that Kate, like the rest of us, had gotten older, fatter and wider, decided to mess around with her image, squeezing her slightly so she looked a little slimmer, a little more pinched. The effect left me thinking “what the f*ck?”. It was kind of unsettling to see her pinched face looming into view, looking somewhat alien, looking like her reflection was cast from the back of a spoon. Maybe that was the effect of the video, I don’t know.
On a separate note, I explained to The Missus my sure-fire way of winning money playing Internet Poker. Every gambler has a system and now I have mine. It’s foolproof, but if I told you, I would naturally have to kill you. OK – here’s my secret – don’t lose…in fact, don’t gamble in general unless you can afford to lose. But my system is going to make my fortune. Just you wait until I saunter on by dressed to the nines, looking like the Pimp-Daddy General.
Today, I actually got my hands dirty and did a telephone interview. It was with the guy who designed all the Eurythmics record sleeves. The band have a box set out for Xmas and I am writing something about the design of the set. It was nice to be a proper journo again. Normally, I just write “how to” puff copy for computer magazines but this was nice. This is the second proper interview I’ve done this month. Maybe I should try and dump the computer stuff and move into alternative media streams? Hmmm…might be worth a gamble…
DING, DING, DING…he said today’s hot word “gamble”.
Tonight, I considered doing a podcast for this site. Just me rambling aimlessly into a microphone for several hours in the vain attempt at getting some trendy, iPod-wearing gimp to finally give up on life and throw themselves under the nearest bus. Or I could just have a wank, which is the same thing, really. But hey, I am looking for various ways of getting the LOCK brand out there, so maybe the podcast thing is an experiment worth pursuing. Everyone is doing it, so it must be worth following the flock.
Remember kids, when you run out of steam, follow the guy in front…

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