Someone asked me recently if I was still recording any music for a CD and funnily enough I am. While I’m normally preoccupied by eating, sleeping, fucking, wanking, writing and walking that fucking dog, I have been recording too. My approach to music is a bit like me: keep it simple. I believe in creating little tunes that people can whistle and so my music could be described as “basic” in the grand scheme of things. Anyway, I’ve recently finished the end of my album. Eh? How so, Darren? Well I’ve got the first fifteen minutes in the can and I wanted the album to finish with a really uplifting positive piece. And so “Frog & Toad” came about. It’s dancey, you can shake your rump to it and wave your arms around (in fact waving your arms around is very satisfying to this song). There are also two flavours; there’s the keyboard-laden “Nintendo Mix” which sounds like the something from the end of completing Mario Kart and then there’s the guitar mix. Here are the rough working mixes of both:

Frog & Toad [Nintendo Mix]

Frog & Toad [Guitar Mix]

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