So I decided to blow the dust of my various instruments and gizmos and twiddle with some knobs. Yup – I have started to record music again. Yes, my intention is to produce yet another CD. You’d think I’d find a new hobby, wouldn’t you? But the way I look at it, you’ve got to use it or lose it. And if I don’t record, my rationale would be that I would have to sell my equipment – and I like it too much to do that.

So here is a little edit of something I am working on. At the moment, the CD is provisionally titled “Fragments” and I want to do a “Textures II” type of thing and glue lots of disparate musical bits together and make them fit. The second piece in the chain is my stab at electronic music. Eeek!

On a separate note, I got paid for some work I did last August. Hurrah! Plus, I made another $12 selling tracks via iTunes. I love iTunes. 🙂

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