The thing about making music is while there are long periods of kicking your heels and wondering if anyone out there is even interested, every so often something ripples back that makes you wonder that there might be some hope left. The other day I got a significant payment from one of the royalty collection agencies I use (don’t worry it wasn’t that much but anything more than a tenner is significant these days). Then I looked to see what had happened.

One of my songs had been tagged in France – again the details are vague. I have no idea where, when or how – just that this one song has triggered a sizeable payout. Again, it’s not enough to buy a guitar or anything or even pay for a week’s shopping. Then you look at the song that has triggered this and you go: “I don’t even remember that song”.

Then you go back and listen to the song and think “I don’t even like that song. Why would that be of any interest? There are better songs of mine that should be getting the attention.” But then you realise that it’s nothing to do with you.

You make the music, you release it into the world and then it takes on a life of its own. Sometimes, just sometimes, it might just hit somewhere for a brief time and the ripples come back to you like this.

And then you think about the 1000 fan rule and wonder if you could ever even achieve that? Nope – just little splashes in the ocean. So keep splashing…