My current creative burst has been brought to a shuddering halt thanks to this switch from PC to Mac. No, I’m not blaming my new 27″ iMac (refurbished – bought for a bargain price), but the switch from Sonar X1 to Logic Studio. Of course, one would expect some hold-ups in learning new software but my story, as ever, involves a cock-up and the usual disaster that needs to be played out to its conclusion.

So the first thing I did after receiving my new iMac was to order Logic Studio from Andertons in Surrey. They had the best price and I’ve dealt with them before and are one of my preferred merchants. So I put in my order – paid extra for “next day” delivery and dutifully waited by the front door for the knock of the delivery driver.

Imagine my disappointment late Friday afternoon when no software arrived – yet when I checked the tracking page on the CitiLink website, the item had been delivered at 9.15am and signed for by someone called “Pines”. It was too late to call and investigate so it would have to wait until Saturday morning.

First thing, I call up CitiLink HQ and explain my problem and the person involved informed me that it had been delivered to either number 15 or number 10 – they couldn’t be sure. Well I know that there is NO number 10 in this road, so I decided to call Andertons and inform them of my predicament. The staff member was very helpful and called me back, confirming that the item appeared to be delivered to number 15 – which, despite numerically being a neighbour, is not actually that close to use geographically as it is in the other turning.

So we ventured over to 15 and knocked. The occupier answered and said that no delivery had been made – and to be doubly sure confirmed this with his wife (out of sight). Another phone call to Andertons to inform them of our lack of progress and I was told I’d have to wait for Monday for an answer. Monday comes and I call and there’s still no firm news from CitiLink – apparently, they can’t confirm exactly where it was delivered. Two calls on Tuesday and still no news, the new person dealing with me said that seeing as CitiLink have completely dropped the ball a new copy of the software would be with me by Thursday. I am planning to camp out at the end of the road and ambush any CitiLink van that enters the road on Thursday morning, Rambo-style. Andertons have been good at dealing with the problem but everything has “due process” before replacement goodies can be sent, so time passes and nothing much happens.

But that is why no music is forthcoming at the moment, which is a shame because I really have the urge to do some more noodling. I do have Windows 7 as a dual-boot on my iMac for archive purposes but want to make a break from all that stuff.

In the meantime, I’ve been moving files around and backing up my old data, ready for selling my beast of a laptop on eBay to pay for the iMac. So there’s still lots of boring techie stuff to do in my spare time.

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