I don’t particularly like living in a shed, but since our incident I have been forced to do whatever recording and work for the shop from this shed. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice shed. It has a nice rug and decor and lots of flourescent lights. The downside is that it is frigging cold (even with the electric heater on full blast) and I have noticed that something in the shed likes to bite me. Fleas. Yes, fleas. I have this theory that rabbits might be living under the shed, but maybe I was watching the video clip in yesterday’s post too much.

Anyway, the upshot of this is that recording time has been incredibly limited. I’ve done a few things and tried to commit some base tracks to work on, but it has been hard to concentrate, what with the cold hands and the constant whacking of my head on the low beams inside the shed. Also, the cold plays havoc with my bladder, so as soon as I get a creative wind behind me, I have to retreat indoors for a pee. Ahhh, the details of my life on the page. This makes great blog reading, dunnit?

One track I have managed to finish is this item called Slow Drift. I’ve posted the demo of this before, but this is the finished surround sound version. The thing about the recording of this is that the lead guitar part was recorded on my Godin Multiac nylon guitar and was recorded in one take with the drum part as backing. I was just riffing to the track and managed to capture something in one take. On top of this I laid some more guitars and some stuff from my 6-string bass guitar.

It’s a little loose, but I think it works. As there has been a reluctance from myself to sit in a cold shed for hours at a time, I have been attempting to archive old master recordings and remix old stuff. One thing I enjoy doing is surround sound mixing (I’ve detailed this before) and I’ve been coming up with new surround mixes for my older albums. Because it literally takes 10 minutes to do a surround mix (I don’t do fancy mixing with elements flying all over the shop, just tasteful placement of sounds) I can knock off a mix quickly and hence I’ve done it for this new song.

If you want to listen to it, connect your PC or laptop to a surround sound speaker system using your optical 5.1 output (if you have one) and play the music file. Alternatively, you can load it onto your Xbox 360 using a memory card (or stream it) and listen to the track that way via your surround sound speaker system.

Slow Drift – Surround Sound Mix

Direct download: CLICK HERE
The intention is to produce albums of surround sound mixes for your listening enjoyment, like I did with my Textures release. Huzzah for me!

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