It must be January as I am gripped by insomnia. I should have seen it coming because two nights ago I had trouble dropping off to sleep and last night it was a full-on attack. There’s nothing worse to be stone-cold awake when those around you (The Missus and Alex the Wonderdog) are oblvious to your panic as they drift in snorey sleep. After a couple of hours, I had thought myself into a neck ache. I self-medicated by grabbing my MP3 player and listening to some music until I drifted off.
Whenever I worry or have things on my mind, they manifest themselves in one of two ways. The second way is the insomnia and it can be tough work. When I was younger, I used to get it a lot and even when I was working found myself surviving on less than five hours sleep a night. The consequence of this when working is bulbous sore eyes and the likelihood to fall asleep during boring meetings and weekend shifts when no-one was around.
So now I am here with a thick head trying to squint at the screen and write this entry. I am hoping that this bout of insomnia will pass soon.
Meanwhile, my effort to change things continues…

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