Well I think that the podcast turned out just spiffy. It was an evening’s work well done, I reckon. It’s funny because I’ve never done a broadcast like that before, but I just adapted my knowledge of sound recording and away I went. The banter was unscripted and it shows, but one thing I did notice was the poor performance of my microphone. It is a £20 cheapo jobbie and my recordings showed that it doesn’t half hiss. Maybe I can buy a new mic? I’m sure things have improved in the budget microphone market since I bought that thing about 10 years ago.Not sure if I have material for another podcast because it might get boring with me just blabbering through my various recordings, but maybe it will help some people out with their own recordings, I don’t know.
On a related note, I have just been informed that I’ve sold out of my CD “WIthout Words” – this is both good and bad. It’s good because I’ve sold some more CDs, but bad because I’ve got to buy some more blank CDs and make some more copies up and there are a few technical issues that I will have to work around. Ho hum. If I had the cash, I’d get someone else to make them, but I’ve got to keep this operation as cheap as possible. Don’t worry, I don’t actually make any profit (the only profit that comes in is off the digital download payments, but that is enough to enable me to buy a couple of CDs now and again) most of the profit actually get swallowed up in the postage costs to the US.
Meanwhile, just got caught in a heavy rainstorm while walking Alex the Wonderdog. It was a torrential downpour but as always happens with this thing, the rain stopped just as we got to the house. Oh well, at least my newspaper didn’t get soggy.
In the post: the TV licence. Don’t get me started on the TV licence.

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