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Pressure Point – The Video Album [2012]

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17-03-13 End of the Dream [with Fender Bass VI, Godin xtSA and Lap Steel]

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This is a rough mix of a track “End of the Dream” for my next collection of tunes called “Americana”.

I hope you like. It’s meant to be nebulous and dreamlike.


Mellow Tron

As I’ve taken to video the “making of” my next set of recordings, here’s some raw footage of me adding some sweet, sweet mellotron sounds on a track – been ticking off the cliches on my “progressive rock” checklist. Enjoy!

A YouTube viewer asked me to demonstrate all the patches of the GR-55 and so I obliged, not realising how many there were and what a boring video I would end up creating. So here it is – a complete demo of all the pre-programmed patches on the guitar synth.