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Holy F*ck!

I haven’t been paying attention to my website stats of late and I just checked the download figures for last month and during October 2011 my website shifted a ball-breaking 295Gb (yes, gigabytes) of data – mainly the audio and video files that I have created. This is a personal best. I am flabbergasted…and slightly scared…

Oooooooh, flash!

In an effort to get with the times and feebly push my sodding music on an uncaring world, I have added nifty carousel gizmo in the header space above which should allow the visitor to scroll through my various albums and listen to them at music.darrenlock.com. Yes, you can also just zip over to music.darrenlock.com and have a gander at me back catalogue. It’s OK, you don’t have to buy anything and there are a couple of freebies in there somewhere…

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