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Let’s go back in time to the 1980s and experience a true arcade game of the highest order: Phoenix!

Prog Review 154 – Face Value – Phil Collins

You can buy your copy of this classic album here: http://bit.ly/face_value

And so my last review in this run sees me going all Patrick Bateman on yo ass and talking about Phil Collins and his “Face Value” album.

App Review – MusicTiles – Peter Gabriel

There’s a new music app for IOS devices on the block from Peter Gabriel and his chums that allows non-musicians to remix his work. Is it any good? Watch the video and find out!

Prog Review 153 – Smallcreep’s Day – Mike Rutherford

You can buy your copy of the album from here: http://bit.ly/smallcreepsday

And so we reach our penultimate album in our look at Genesis solo releases and this time I take a peek at Mike Rutherford’s first solo effort.

Music Software Review – Waves Element Synth

This is a new plugin from Waves that features a fully programmable arpeggiator function and easy accessible to all programmable functions.


Music Software Review: Waves Kramer Master Tape Emulation Plugin

I take a look at Waves Kramer Master Tape, which is a tape emulation plugin used for mastering and other effects in your mix.

For more details: http://www.waves.com/content.aspx?id=11702

Music Software Review: Apple Pro Logic 9

As requested, I start looking and blabbering inanely about music software in an attempt to look even more self-important than usual. This time I flap my chops at Apple Logic Pro 9.

You can get yours here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/logic-pro/id459578486?mt=12