Google, the people that brought Google (the search engine), Google+ (nope, still don’t know what it is for) and YouTube launched its own music service. Google Music is in beta mode at the moment but threatens iTunes dominance by allowing users to upload 20,000 songs to the cloud for FREE.

The really interesting thing about Google Music is that it will have an “Artist Hub” that will allow musicians pro and amateur to sell their wares via Google and the Android Store. The really great thing is that there will be a one-off $25 fee for this service and any profits you make from your music will be split 70/30 with Google getting the latter percentage. A good deal, I think.

What makes this service tantalising is if Google integrates it fully into YouTube and Google+ as this would give musicians a way of creating a social hub and sell their music in one fell swoop.

Of course, Google has a history of non-starter projects so it could be that Google Music just fizzles out and collapses under the weight of expectation, leaving iTunes to dominate the market. Who knows? Only time will tell…

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