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The Value of Music

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Prog Review 224 – Kneeling at the Shrine – Sunday All Over the World

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And so I look back at a little known album recorded by Mr & Mrs Fripp in 1991…

Another decade, another David Sylvian collection to look at. Will this deliver everything or nothing? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to watch the video.

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“The Mist Suite”

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Discipline is a Vehicle for Joy

I am still slowly ploughing through my “Legacy” project where I go back to old music files (pre-2001) and painstakingly convert them to my modern DAW software. Back in the day, the good old days if you will, musician Pat Mastelotto from King Crimson posted a load of drum loops to entertain us common folk and so inspired by getting my greasy mitts on this audio dynamite that I was inspired to record a whole album worth of music based around those loops. Some of the masters have been lost during the great CD-R disaster of 2001, but I have found a couple of the tracks.
This one is a personal favourite and features the aphorisms of Robert Fripp spoken by a computer. Obviously it would have been ideal if I could have gotten samples of himself to read his words, but alas, this will have to do. In my imagination, this is what it would sound like if I were in King Crimson because the track features Pat Mastelotto’s drum loop which features Trey Gunn in there somewhere, the words by Robert Fripp and my guitar and bass over the top of it.
For those of you who like to know, the bass line was provided by my Ashbory rubber bass…

Discipline is a Vehicle for Joy [2010 Legacy Mix]

Direct download: CLICK HERE

Discipline is a Vehicle for Joy
Any fool can play something difficult
But Discipline is a vehicle for joy
And it is possible by work alone to become an artist
Art repeats the unrepeatable
Art is the capacity to re-experience one’s innocence
And Craft is the universal language
Craft maintains skill; discipline maintains craft
But Discipline is a vehicle for joy
Distrust enthusiasm
Distrust those wishing to teach you something
Honor sufficiency
Consult tradition, consult your body
But If you have nothing to say, say nothing
Necessity is the measure of aim
And it is impossible the reach the aim without suffering
Discipline is not the end, but a means to an end
Discipline is a vehicle for joy