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The Value of Music

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New Apple iPad Sneak Peak & Demonstration

Here I am demonstrating a demo version of the new Apple iPad. Enjoy!

Click here for glorious 720p HD quality

Pete Townshend of The Who recently gave a speech at the inaugural John Peel Lecture in which he spent most of his time berating iTunes. This is my response to his wooly thinking and my general opinion of the MusicBizTM and whinging musicians. Part of this video is a “performance” of my now legendary blog entry “Death to the MusicBizTM”. Enjoy!

Watch the video in wonderful 720p HD quality!

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R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

So Steve Jobs has passed away. OK – so I am new to the Apple fan boy party but my respect for Jobs comes primarily with his involvement in the Pixar movie production house – the people that brought you Toy Story, Finding Nemo and my fave, Monsters Inc. He was an ill man who struggled for a long time and proves no matter how powerful, rich and successful you are, death is truly the leveller.

Nice Job, Jobs…