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Prog Review 254 – The Equatorial Stars Vinyl & CD – Fripp & Eno

You can get your vinyls here: http://bit.ly/frippandenovinyl

And so I turn off my mind, relax and float downstream…

Prog Review 143 – Lux – Brian Eno

You can buy your copy of this great album here: http://bit.ly/brianenolux

And so ambient pioneer Brian Eno has released another ambient classic in the same vein as “Music for Airports” and “Discreet Music”. Here’s my thoughts on the album and I give my own simplified demonstration of generative music.

Silent Night

This is a track I recorded a decade ago and I have made a little video to accompany it. Season’s greeting to all those who come here and follow me and I hope you have a prosperous New Year.

Watch in glorious 1080p HD video

Silent Night EP cover

Festive ambient drones from yours truly...

I have released this track as part of an EP, which includes two versions of the song and a digital download of the video in HD resolution. You can purchase said EP from the link below: