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Prog Review 87: The Story of Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

And so I sat down last night, watched the blu-ray and came up with this…

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Prog Review 24: Wish You Were Here Immersion Box Set – Pink Floyd

And so my beady eye falls over the new Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here set. While the content makes interesting listening, the price of the set and the inclusion of many re-used photographs in one of the booklets means that my final rating can be viewed as harsh. However, this rating is based on “value for money” more than anything else.

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Title Music:
“Stinkhorn” by Darren Lock

Background Music:
“The Mist Suite” by Darren Lock (that’s me, too)

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Ticket for Roy Harper 05 November 2011

I nearly missed out on getting tickets for this concert, but despite being quite far away from the stage, this didn’t spoil our enjoyment of the evening. THe concert was a strange affair, probably one of the most emotionally wrought concerts I’ve ever attended. It celebrated the 70th birthday of Harper and the deaths of two of his peers, Bert Jansch and David Bedford, loomed large over the proceedings. In fact, David Bedford was due to be a special guest at the event and to provide the orchestral accompaniment.

Despite his years, Harper put on a stellar performance and his voice was simply amazing. I’m not the greatest Harper fan so I didn’t know every song that was played, but the music was genuinely powerful and moving. Guest appearances from his son Nick Harper, Joanna Newsom and Jimmy Page (yes, he from Led Zeppelin) made the event even more special. But there was this overhanging emotion from Harper – who nearly broke down a number of times throughout the gig – and emotion from the audience too.

It was an amazing evening of music, the likes of which I doubt I’ll ever experience again.

The setlist: Highway Blues, Frozen Moment, North Country Girl, I’ll See You Again (accompanied by Nick Harper), Me And My Woman (accompanied by Nick Harper) Hallucinating Light, Commune, Twelve Hours Of Sunset, I Hate The White Man, Another Day (accompanied by Joanna Newsom), When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease
Encore: The Same Old Rock (accompanied by Jimmy Page),The Green Man

And now for a short video…

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