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Prog Review 245 – Argus Deluxe Edition – Wishbone Ash

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And so I do my best to appraise the third studio album from Wishbone Ash…

Released 28 April 1972
Recorded De Lane Lea Studios, London, England
January 1972
Genre Hard rock, Progressive rock
Length 43:48
Label Decca/MCA
Producer Derek Lawrence

Track listing
All songs composed by Andy Powell, Martin Turner, Ted Turner and Steve Upton

Side one
"Time Was" — 9:42 (Lead vocals — Ted Turner, Martin Turner)
"Sometime World" — 6:55 (Lead vocals — Martin Turner, Andy Powell)
"Blowin' Free" — 5:18 (Lead vocals — Martin Turner, Andy Powell, Ted Turner)[3]

Side two
"The King Will Come" — 7:06 (Lead vocals — Martin Turner, Andy Powell)
"Leaf and Stream" — 3:55 (Lead vocals — Martin Turner)
"Warrior" — 5:53 (Lead vocals — Martin Turner, Andy Powell)
"Throw Down the Sword" — 5:55 (Lead vocals — Martin Turner, Andy Powell)[3]

First reissue bonus tracks
"No Easy Road" — 3:36
Bonus tracks from their Live From Memphis promotional EP[edit]
"Jail Bait" — 4:57
"The Pilgrim" — 10:10
"Phoenix" — 17:05

2007 deluxe edition

Disc One
"Time Was"
"Sometime World"
"Blowin' Free"
"The King Will Come"
"Leaf and Stream"
"Throw Down the Sword"
"No Easy Road"
"The Pilgrim" (live in Memphis 1972)
"Phoenix" (live in Memphis 1972)

Disc Two
"Time Was" (BBC in concert session 1972)
"Blowin' Free" (BBC in concert session 1972)
"Warrior" (BBC in concert session 1972)
"Throw Down the Sword" (BBC in concert session 1972)
"King Will Come" (BBC in concert session 1972)
"Phoenix" (BBC in concert session 1972)
"Blowin' Free" (BBC session 1972)
"Throw Down The Sword" (BBC session 1972)

Martin Turner — bass, vocals
Andy Powell — guitar, vocals
Ted Turner — guitar, vocals
Steve Upton — drums
Additional personnel
John Tout — organ on "Throw Down The Sword"

Prog Review 238 – Gravitas – Asia

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And so I have a listen to the fourteenth studio album from Asia.

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