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Prog Review 251 – Genesis Revisited Live at the Royal Albert Hall – Steve Hackett

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And so I finally reveal my love for Nad Sylvan…

Prog Review 159 – Once Upon a Time – Family

And so it came to pass that I should cast my beady eye over the new Family box set.

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First Look: Once Upon a Time Box Set – Family

Here’s my first look at the new deluxe box set from Leicester’s finest, Family.

Prog Review 72 – Steve Hackett 20 May 2012 Islington Assembly Hall

I was fortunate enough to be one of the few to catch Steve Hackett and his band perform at the Islington Assembly Hall where he put on a show for charity and played a healthy dollop of Genesis hits and his own works.

Click here for HD quality


Classical Gas (exerpt into)
Hands of the Priestess
Blood on the Rooftops
Fly on a Windshield
Firth of Fifth
Watcher of the Skies
The Carpet Crawlers
Ace of Wands
Shadow of the Hierophant


Loch Lomond
Fire on the Moon
A Place Called Freedom
Enter the Night
Til These Eyes
Waking to Life

Every Day
Spectral Mornings

Prog Review 30: Fire & Ice DVD – Steve Hackett

This DVD captures Steve Hackett and his band during the 2010 “Around the World in 80 Trains” tour supporting the “Out of the Tunnel’s Mouth” album. The DVD is a pretty bog-standard release and the band are solid in their performance, but is it a must-buy release?

You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

Watch in glorious 1080p HD quality here

Title Music:
“Stinkhorn” by Darren Lock

Background Music:
“Snapdragon” by Darren Lock
“Cloistered Space” by Darren Lock

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