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Squier Bass VI Scratchplate / Pickguard Replacement

And now for something completely different… Replacing a Squier Bass VI scratchguard!

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Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here Immersion Box Set – Replacement Blu-Ray Disc Announcement

Apparently, there was a fault on some of the blu-ray discs that shipped with initial copies of the “Wish You Were Here Immersion Box Set” by Pink Floyd. The situation has now been rectified and, in my instance, Amazon has sent me a replacement disc for my box set.

If you have one of these discs affected by unwanted clicks and pops, my advice would be to contact the retailer from where you bought the item and ask for a replacement disc, citing that the problem has been acknowledged by EMI and Amazon.

Click here for 720p HD version

Rush Sectors Replacement Discs – IMPORTANT INFORMATION

There was a mastering problem on two of the discs in the Rush Sectors One & Two box sets (the CD of “Fly By Night” and the DVD of “A Farewell to Kings”) resulting in drop-outs in sound.

Today, I received information that replacements could be ordered by contacting the following email address with your order information and relevant postal details:


This information has come from Amazon EU so I am not sure if this is relevant to US or other territories but it doesn’t hurt dropping them a line, I guess.