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The Boss RC-300 is the latest addition to the Loopstation range and supersedes the RC-50. The main differences between this and its predecessor is the inclusion of in-built audio FX, a large footpedal and a whopping 3 hours of stereo looping time. While the unit is fundamentally a beefed-up RC-50, the improvements implemented by Boss are minimal and some may find them not very useful at all. The in-built FX are hardly inspiring and it is a real pain to edit them. I cannot see how I would use them in my performances.

The way the three stereo loop tracks have been laid out on the front panel is an improvement, though the inclusion of three mini-slider to control the volume of each track is a nice addition, it is almost impossible to pull off smooth volume changes with them thanks to a latch at the centre position.

Other than that, the RC-300 is the “Rolls Royce” of Loopstations and looping pedals and the looper is spoilt with the depth of features. However, if you have an RC-50, there’s not that much here to warrant an upgrade – unless you can get a good price for your RC-50 on eBay first!

Now watch my video review of this unit.

Watch in glorious 1080p HD quality

Boss RC-300 Loopstation – Unboxing and Preview

I took delivery of the new Boss RC-300 today and this is me opening the box and having the first shufty at the new Loopstation pedal. Check back to see some demos of this unit in the next few days or so.

Click here for glorious 1080p HD video

Back in the Loop (again)

I’ve not been playing much lately. But I decided to try and record some stuff and set the camera rolling…

I am very out of practice and so this is a video of me “working out” – jamming along to myself – to see if I can come up with some idea or another. It’s not very good but it is just random stuff, I guess.

The first attempt was better, but unfortunately the shot was ruined by The Missus entering the frame with a delicious cup of tea.

Watch in glorious 1080p HD quality…

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