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Raspberry Pi 3 – First Look, Setup & Boot Up

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Here I am unboxing the VIA APC mini computer, then showing the first boot and giving a brief demonstration.

Unfortunately, the excessive delivery and import charges means that this has been a bit of an expensive folly and this board will probably find its way onto eBay pretty soon.

Click here for HD version

Raspberry Pi Case

Here I am putting together a case I purchased from eBay for £15 for my Raspberry Pi mini computer. While the case isn’t a proper encloure, it does turn the RasPi into a talking point, a piece of art for your desk or at worst, a fancy paperweight.

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Raspberry Pi – Unboxing, setting up and first use

Here I am unboxing, setting up and demonstrating the new Raspberry Pi mini computer.

I also demonstrate how to setup the SD card you use with the RasPi using a python script called RaspiWrite.


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