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New Pink Floyd Album “The Endless River” Leaked

Apparently, Mrs Gilmour blabbed that there's a new Pink Floyd album coming out in October…

26-10-06 Development of an Improvisation

I was going through my video archive when I chanced across a number of clips of me working through an improvisation. Normally, when I video myself improvising, the idea is very much of the moment without any real preparation. But back in 2006, here I am working on an idea until I am comfortable with it. OK – it will bore most of you to a slow watery death, but for those who are interested in where and how the music comes from, this is it. This is how I used to do it.


Godin xtSA
Roland VG-88
Roland GR-33
Roland Handsonic HPD15

Holy F*ck!

I haven’t been paying attention to my website stats of late and I just checked the download figures for last month and during October 2011 my website shifted a ball-breaking 295Gb (yes, gigabytes) of data – mainly the audio and video files that I have created. This is a personal best. I am flabbergasted…and slightly scared…

I’ve had enough time to cogitate and ruminate over the worthiness of the new Pink Floyd “Discovery” box set. The bottom line is: is this any better than than the “Oh, By The Way” set released a couple of years back? The answer to that is simple: no.

Click here to watch in glorious HD video!

David Bedford R.I.P.

I just heard that composer David Bedford has passed away. I came to him via his association with Mike Oldfield and remember at the height of my record collecting days (late 80s-early 90s) being completely entranced by his “The Odyssey” album. I was due to see him in November when he was due to appear with Roy Harper, but alas that moment has passed. I was really looking forward to it too.

This is a track that he and Oldfield did in 1977.

And here’s a link to his website.

Easy Listening – An Internet Compilation [2005]

You can download this from here: