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Pressure Point – The Video Album [2012]

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21-07-13 Improvisation [Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI & Godin Multiac Spectrum]

An improvisation featuring the Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI, the Korg Wavedrum Global Edition, the Boss RC-300 Loopstation and the Godin Multiac Spectrum SA.

28-05-13 Improvisation – It All Breaks Down

Here we go again…

27-05-13 Improvisation – Tomorrow’s Green

More musical noodling from yours truly…

24-05-13 Improvisation – Yesterday’s Blue

Daft little workout just to test a new two camera set-up I’m thinking of working with for my next project.

You can download the tune from here: https://soundcloud.com/vrooom/24-05-13-improvisation


Mellow Tron

As I’ve taken to video the “making of” my next set of recordings, here’s some raw footage of me adding some sweet, sweet mellotron sounds on a track – been ticking off the cliches on my “progressive rock” checklist. Enjoy!

How to restring a guitar with nylon strings

I hate restringing guitars. I used to enjoy it, but as life passes me by, the chore of maintaining my instrument wears on me somewhat. Sometimes I forget how to restring guitars and so I made this little video guide for my own reference. In it, I go through the process of restringing my Godin Multiac ACS SA Nylon with some new D’Addario strings.