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Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 on Parallels for Mac OSX

Before you start, it is a good idea to back up your existing Windows 7 virtual machine that you are about to upgrade because once you've converted it to Windows 10 there's no going back.

You will need to first download and run the Compatibility Update kb2952664 from here:

32-bit Version http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/updt/2015/05/windows6.1-kb2952664-v10-x86_57787952e4f934ba3ff690d94463a63b1df4a72f.msu

64-bit Version http://download.windowsupdate.com/d/msdownload/update/software/updt/2015/05/windows6.1-kb2952664-v10-x64_6cb844c61ff4a77098ee895e0f2904d494ff5d24.msu

Then you need to download the Windows 10 Installer application:

32-bit Version

64-bit Version

This application MUST be run with AS ADMINISTRATOR for it to work properly. Then you just follow the prompts on the screen to convert your working virtual Windows 7 machine into a Windows 10 edition.


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LaCIE 2big Thunderbolt 4Tb RAID External Drive Unboxing

Here I am unboxing and showing the LaCIE 2big Thunderbolt 4Tb RAID drive I recently purchased as an upgrade to my current NAS system. Who knew that video editing would take up so much data?

Click here for glorious 1080p HD video

Music used in this video:

The Mist Suite by Darren Lock

You can purchase this music from: http://music.darrenlock.com/album/the-stinkhorn-ep

I recorded this track and give full permission for its commercial use on my own YouTube channel. I’m only putting this disclaimer here to stop YouTube pulling my video or one of the minions from a music rights company claiming my track as their own (which has happened before).