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28-05-13 Improvisation – It All Breaks Down

Here we go again…

27-05-13 Improvisation – Tomorrow’s Green

More musical noodling from yours truly…

Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI Videos

As it is my birthday this week, The Missus allowed me to spend the kids’ inheritance on a new guitar. Here are a couple of videos of me playing the new guitar.

This is the very first few minutes of me trying my new Fender Bass VI for size. I know I don’t need any more guitars, but it is my birthday this week and I just could resist this beautiful instrument.

Stay till the end for a very special guest appearance! 😉

This is me improvising later with the Fender Bass VI into a Digitech Timebender and the Boss RC-300 Loopstation to create a new tune.

17-10-12 Improvisation [Godin Glissentar & Boss RC-300 Loopstation]

More jiggery pokery….

11-10-12 Improvisation [Featuring Godin Glissentar & Boss RC-300]

This is meant to be more about atmosphere than melody…

07-10-12 Improvisation [Godin Glissentar & Boss RC-300 Loopstation]

Another day, another improvisation. What can you do about it, eh?

09-07-2012 Improvisation “A Blossoming Scenario” featuring Boss RC-300 Loopstation

Here’s me doing my usual noodling thing – trying to get back into the groove to produce some more music for an album. Ho hum…

Song title by Inspiro (the iPad App)

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Click here for the HD version