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Prog Review 240 – Fripp & Eno 200g Vinyl Reissues

You can get yours here: http://bit.ly/frippandenovinyl

Look, they've reissued both Fripp & Eno albums on 200g vinyl. Yum!

The Day Before the Rain – THE ADVERT

Here I am peddling my wares like a 21st century peasant…

Get it here: http://music.darrenlock.com/album/the…

10-03-14 Improvisation

More noodling around…

18-02-14 Improvisation 2

Even more noodling…

18-02-14 Improvisation

The last track for "The Day Before the Rain".

More 8-string guitar noodling.

Prog Review 231 – Evening Star – Fripp & Eno

You can get all your favourite Fripp & Eno albums here: http://bit.ly/frippandeno

And so I try and kickstart my love for the YouTubes with a look at the second album from Fripp & Eno.

17-01-14 Improvisation “Is There Anybody Out There?”

More insipid noodling from yours truly…

Free download from: https://soundcloud.com/vrooom/17-01-14-improvisation-is