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The Boss RC-300 is the latest addition to the Loopstation range and supersedes the RC-50. The main differences between this and its predecessor is the inclusion of in-built audio FX, a large footpedal and a whopping 3 hours of stereo looping time. While the unit is fundamentally a beefed-up RC-50, the improvements implemented by Boss are minimal and some may find them not very useful at all. The in-built FX are hardly inspiring and it is a real pain to edit them. I cannot see how I would use them in my performances.

The way the three stereo loop tracks have been laid out on the front panel is an improvement, though the inclusion of three mini-slider to control the volume of each track is a nice addition, it is almost impossible to pull off smooth volume changes with them thanks to a latch at the centre position.

Other than that, the RC-300 is the “Rolls Royce” of Loopstations and looping pedals and the looper is spoilt with the depth of features. However, if you have an RC-50, there’s not that much here to warrant an upgrade – unless you can get a good price for your RC-50 on eBay first!

Now watch my video review of this unit.

Watch in glorious 1080p HD quality

I took delivery of my latest looping pedal (don’t worry, I sold my old one) and this was the first ambient noodle to burst forth from the audio slurry. Generally been well received on the YouTube, so at least I know I am pointing in the right direction.

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