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Prog Review – The Incident Limited Edition Box Set – Porcupine Tree

You can buy your own copy of this from here:http://bit.ly/theincidentboxset

And so my man love obsession with all things Steven Wilson intensifies as I purchase the limited edition boxset of “The Incident” by Porcupine Tree.


Prog Review 142 – Octane Twisted – Porcupine Tree

You can get the 2CD version of the album here: http://bit.ly/octanetwisted2cd
The version with the DVD is available from Burning Shed.

Yes, time flies and here comes another Steven Wilson product to review. This time it is a live album from Porcupine Tree detailing “The Incident” tour. Is it an accident-free journey or a smoking pile of wreckage? The only way to find out is to watch the review!