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Prog Review 154 – Face Value – Phil Collins

You can buy your copy of this classic album here: http://bit.ly/face_value

And so my last review in this run sees me going all Patrick Bateman on yo ass and talking about Phil Collins and his “Face Value” album.

Prog Review 118: Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors – Fish

You can get your own copy of this album here:http://bit.ly/vigilinawildernessofmirrors

As I am doing a “Marillion Week” of videos to celebrate the release of “Sounds That Can’t Be Made”, I thought I’d spill my guts on the first solo album by ex-Marillion crooner, Derek William Dick AKA Fish.

Prog Review 84: Product – Brand X

You can get your copy of this album here: http://amzn.to/brandxproduct

I thought I’d next review “Product” from Brand X as it seemed a natural progression from the previous two albums I’ve looked at. It’s probably the most accessible of the band’s back catalogue and I chose it solely because of this amazing track:


Click for HD version