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Prog Review 145 – City of Dreams – Anthony Phillips

You can get your copy of this album from: http://bit.ly/ap_cityofdreams

So here I am taking a look at the latest from Anthony Phillips and the eleventh entry in his “Private Parts & Pieces” catalogue.

“SEVILLE” [1080p Resolution – 2012 EDIT]

I think this is the third version I’ve posted of this. What, you get repeats on YouTube now?

Wait a moment, I can explain everything! I found the original video files and so could make the highest resolution version possible. Here it is in a slightly different edit in stunning 1080p as it was originally recorded.

For those who want to know, this was recorded in two takes: the first was me laying down the drums, guitar synth and lead guitar line and the second take was me putting a bass line over the top. This all took just over twelve minutes in total record time to achieve and was recorded between 07.54 and 08:07 on 05 August 2008.

This track appears on the ever-so wonderful “EchoNET” –

I promise I will never post this track again…honest!

List of equipment used:

Godin xtSA
Fender Precision Special Deluxe Series

Guitar FX:
Roland VG-99
Roland VB-88
Boss RC-30
Boss SL-20
Boss DD-20

Drum machine:
Boss DR-880

Recorded using a PC and Cakewalk Sonar.

Private Thought

At the beginning of the month, I agreed to record a track for a charity raising awareness of Charcot or Marie Tooth Syndrome. Unfortunately, events beyond my control meant that I couldn’t give the project the time it needed and so I have cobbled together this short piece for their project.

More details at: http://www.claudemactrevor.co.uk

A Private Part or Piece Revisited

Not done any music for a while, so I thought I do this one again.

My mother never heard any of my music because I was too embarrassed to play any of it to her and because I didn’t think she’d like it. I had a special surprise planned for her next month and was going to show her a CD that she would have been impressed with.

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen now. 🙁

And here’s the original version:

I recorded this the other day and forgot to post it here. What a dummy. Not sure if this will make the cut or not. Not even sure if I’ve got a cohesive album in the five or six songs I’ve already recorded.


The Stinkhorn EP

I’ve had some viewers ask what the music is in my videos and I use my own music to add some extra atmosphere to my work. You can listen to the music I use via an EP I have created. It’s called the Stinkhorn EP and costs £2 (though you can pay more if you wish). You can access it here:


Or use this handy player to listen to it:

And if you want to download a whole FREE compilation album, you can get that from my webstore too at:


26-10-11 Instrumental

This song is based on a riff from my previous improvisation. Not sure if it is much good, but I was videoing my recording process as I went, so it ended up being more about making a video than recording a decent song.

To view in glorious 1080p HD video, click here.

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