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iRig MIC Cast – Unboxing, Test and Review

Get your iRig MIC Cast from here: http://amzn.to/irigicast

I had some spare promo points at IK Multimedia’s website and was interested in this little add-on microphone for the iPod, iPhone and iPad. In this video, I unbox the product, test it and give my thoughts on it too. All in one lovely, delicious viddy of fun. Enjoy!

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The End of the Road [07-04-12]

I decided I’d better pull my finger out and record some more music. The recent improvisation sessions are the catalysts to getting my creative juices flowing. I recorded this track in the afternoon/evening of 07-04-12 with the lead guitar re-recorded specifically for this here YouTube video.

Enjoy it in all its clumsy noisy joy.

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Advice on Recording Audio

Some viewers have asked me to talk about recording music – so here I am blathering on about recording music. Hopefully this will be useful for someone as I feel I am probably just gibbering on.

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Mellow Tron

As I’ve taken to video the “making of” my next set of recordings, here’s some raw footage of me adding some sweet, sweet mellotron sounds on a track – been ticking off the cliches on my “progressive rock” checklist. Enjoy!