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Unboxing the First Four Pink Floyd 180g Vinyl Reissues

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Prog Review 196 – Animals – Pink Floyd

You can buy your copy of this album here:http://bit.ly/animalspinkfloyd

After many requests, I do my best to muddle my way through the tenth studio album by Pink Floyd…


Prog Review 192 – Going for the One – Yes

You can get your own copy of this classic album from here:http://bit.ly/goingfortheone

Another day, another review and time I am responding to a viewer who left a comment somewhere about reviewing this particular album. I couldn’t see the harm and so here I am doing a snappy review, just how you like them…


Prog Review 191 – Quatermass – S/T 2013 Esoteric CD & DVD Reissue

You can get your copy of this classic album here:http://bit.ly/quatermass

Not to be confused with the popular sci-fi horror hero of the 1960s of the same name, this three piece sound as if someone spliced the DNA of ELP and Deep Purple together…


Live Listen – Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

You can get your copy of this great album from here: http://bit.ly/dsotm_pf

And so I turn my attentions to another classic album. Grab your copy and listen along!


Prog Review 153 – Smallcreep’s Day – Mike Rutherford

You can buy your copy of the album from here: http://bit.ly/smallcreepsday

And so we reach our penultimate album in our look at Genesis solo releases and this time I take a peek at Mike Rutherford’s first solo effort.

Prog Review 110: Olias of Sunhillow – Jon Anderson

You can get your copy of this album here: http://bit.ly/oliasofsunhillow

And so I decided to look at the various solo albums that were released by the members of Yes after the release of “Relayer”

Here is the movie “The Squeeze” which features a snippet of this album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMqp5h49TZU