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How to upgrade the firmware on Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesiser

Here I show you how to upgrade your Roland GR-55 guitar synthesiser. You will first need to go to the GR-55 support page at the Roland website and download the new firmware. You can get that here:


You will then need a USB memory stick fomatted to FAT32 format.

1) Drag the GR55.bin file from the zip folder to your USB memory stick
2) Put the memory stick with the firmware BIN file into your GR-55
3) Hold down the “VLINK” & “USER” buttons while powering on the unit
4) The upgrade process should begin
5) When the screen says “COMPLETED” power down and restart your GR-55.

I hope this tutorial has been useful for you.

Roland GR-55 Demo – New Patches in Firmware 1.50

The latest firmware for the Roland GR-55 guitar synthesiser was launched in June 2012 and it features a number of new patches added to the existing list. Of course, the majority of these patches stink up the place like month-old blue cheese stored behind the radiator but there might be something here to interest you.

I know that I’m not the greatest guitar player in the world and have never claimed to be, so any snarky comments about my playing will be deleted and you will be blocked. If you want to be a YouTube arsehole, go do it on someone else’s channel. OK?

GS003 – Soundscape collaboration with Mikhail Medvedev

Mikhail Medvedev invited me to add some sounds to his live soundscaping and so I duly oblige. But instead of using my guitar, I thought I’d use my six-string bass and do my best to play something complimentary rather than competing with my collaborator. Mikhail is a much more gifted player than myself, so I thought taking the back seat and just adding colour and tone would be a good strategy and I think it works.

The performance from me is one take (obviously) and I had never heard the full soundscape from Mikhail before hitting the record button – so it is an improvisation off the top of my head – hence the duff notes here and there where I think I am going down one melodic avenue only to find it is a cul-de-sac, and I quickly change tack. I found it very exciting and an interesting exercise to focus myself.

But here we have the Internet doing what the Internet does best, someone from Russia working with someone from Great Britain. Clever stuff indeed.

Mikhail Medvedev

Click here for HD version

07-04-12 Improvisation B [with Godin xtSA, Roland VG-99, Roland GR-55 & Boss RC-300]

Here I am once again in improvisational territory trying my best to let my subconscious mind guide my weary fingers.

Please enjoy this for what it is.

To purchase my music, either search for “Darren Lock” on iTunes or go here: http://music.darrenlock.com

My Passion for MIDI Guitar

I’ve been into MIDI guitar for nearly 20 years now and when a viewer asked me to talk about the guitars in my collection, I thought it would be more interesting to talk about MIDI guitar and the various internal MIDI conversions I have performed over the years.

Click here for HD quality

Roland GR-55 Patch Demonstration with Godin Multiac SA

Here I am quickly demonstrating how the Godin Multiac SA Nylon guitar works well with the Roland GR-55 guitar synthesiser. The GR-55 is being used with the Piezo R setting with no further adjustments made.

I made this video as a response to a viewer who claimed that the Godin Multiac SA Nylon was unusable with the GR-55.

Tea Break: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=714Y6T48Zgg#t=1916s

My little girl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=714Y6T48Zgg#t=2077s

Angel’s Tears [1994]

As I have a terrible cold, I can’t really make any YouTube videos at the moment (unless you want to watch me sniffle and snort my way through them, of course). So I decided to grab my camera and make this little abstract number to accompany the very first piece of ambient music I ever recorded.

The track is called “Angel’s Tears” and it was recorded in 1994/1995 – I am not sure exactly when – and it features the Roland GR-1 guitar synthesiser. This was before looping or delay pedals were added to my sonic arsenal and so it is just me using long sustained pad sounds and lead lines. There might be one layer of overdubbing. I can’t remember. I doubt it because it was recorded using my Yamaha MT4X four-track cassette recorder – so I would imagine I recorded it as live as possible.

Click here for 720p HD Quality

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