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07-04-12 Improvisation B [with Godin xtSA, Roland VG-99, Roland GR-55 & Boss RC-300]

Here I am once again in improvisational territory trying my best to let my subconscious mind guide my weary fingers.

Please enjoy this for what it is.

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Old Music, New Edits

Back in the Loop (again)

I’ve not been playing much lately. But I decided to try and record some stuff and set the camera rolling…

I am very out of practice and so this is a video of me “working out” – jamming along to myself – to see if I can come up with some idea or another. It’s not very good but it is just random stuff, I guess.

The first attempt was better, but unfortunately the shot was ruined by The Missus entering the frame with a delicious cup of tea.

Watch in glorious 1080p HD quality…

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