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22-05-16 360 Degree Soundscape with LG 360 Cam

Filmed in 360 degrees using the LG 360 Cam – http://amzn.to/1TA0xW2

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05-04-12 Improvisation [featuring Godin Multiac ACS SA, Roland VG-99 and Boss RC-300]

Here I am once again in improvisational territory trying my best to let my subconscious mind guide my weary fingers.

Please enjoy this for what it is.

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04-04-12 Improvisation [featuring Godin Multiac ACS SA, Roland VG-99 & Boss RC-300]

Here I am trying to get my brain and fingers back into shape with a quick improvisational piece.

27-12-11 Improvisation using Boss RC-300 & Roland VG-99

Here I am making it up as I go along using the Boss RC-300 Loopstation pedal.

Click here for glorious 720p HD quality

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