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FILM REVIEW – Pink Floyd’s The Wall

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Prog Review 42: Pink Floyd – The Wall Immersion Box Set

So here we are again and this is the final of the Pink Floyd Immersion box set trilogy. But what do I think? Is it another brick in the wall or did it leave me feeling comfortably numb? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to watch the video.

Click here for the 720p HD version

Of course, you can see the unboxing of this box set here:

Title Music:
“Stinkhorn” by Darren Lock

Background Music:
“Open Field”
“Herbie Smiles”

All music has been written and recorded by Darren Lock and is used by permission because I am that Darren Lock who wrote and recorded this music. If I could figure out how to give myself permission and prove conclusively to YouTube that I am the artiste in question I would do it. What do they want….blood?

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Pink Floyd: The Wall Immersion Box Set – THE UNBOXING

So this is the final unboxing in the Immersion box set trilogy. It’s quite sad to reach the end of this long journey which began in September 2011. The Wall is an album I absolutely loved as a teenager, but have drifted away from in later years, being more a fan of the movie than the album per se.

So make a nice cup of tea, sit back and enjoy the next twenty or so minutes as I guide you through all the goodies that make up this final box set.

Click here for the 1080p HD version

Music used in this video:

“Return of the Snapdragon”
“Open Field”
“Herbie Smiles”
“Steady State of Flux”

All recordings made by Darren Lock and copyright to Darren Lock used in full permission because I am that Darren Lock who spent his time and money recording the music in the first place. I am only stating that here because YouTube seems to persecute musicians who use their own music in their videos because we have no actual way of proving categorically that we own all our copyright. Heigh ho!

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Pink Floyd: Is There Anybody Out There [The Wall Live 80-81] THE UNBOXING

I was meant to make this video last week but serious illness prevented me from doing anything for the past five days. But here we are looking at the “Is There Anybody Out There” special edition from 2000. I thought I’d rebuy this set and give it a look as I was interested to see how much material from this was going to be reproduced in the forthcoming “The Wall Immersion Edition” box set.

Click here for 1080p HD version

Background Music:
“Still Crane Lake” by Darren Lock (that’s me)
“Widowspeak” by Darren Lock (that’s also me)

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