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Prog Review 149 – 2112 Super Deluxe Edition – Rush

You can buy your copy from here: http://bit.ly/2112superdeluxe

So here I am unboxing and reviewing the latest edition of Rush’s seminal “2112′ album. Is it a stinker or do I enjoy my time at the Temple of Syrinx.

Prog Review 86: Clockwork Angels – Rush

You can buy your copy of the Rush Clockwork Angels Fan Pack from here:

But if that’s sold out, get the boring regular album from here: http://amzn.to/clockworkangels

This is the review you’ve all been waiting for – yes, it’s time to cast my ears over Clockwork Angels by The Rush. Will it float or sink, will it soar or stink? There’s only one way to find out…watch the video!

Click here for HD version

First Look: Clockwork Angels “Fan Pack” – Rush

So the new Rush album has hit the shops and here is my first look at the exclusive “Fan Pack” edition that was released in the UK.

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Prog Review 79: Sector 3 Box Set – Rush

No, this is the end of the epic Rush Sector Box Set fiasco. Here, I sit back and formulate my thoughts on the last box set and my overall thoughts on listening to all these Rush albums in sequence.

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Prog Review 78: A Show of Hands – Rush

And so we turn our attentions to the final disc of the final Rush Sector box set. Our epic trek is over…or is it?

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And so we come closer and closer to the end of my epic Rush box set review. This time it is “Hold Your Fire”…

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Prog Review 75: Power Windows – Rush

And so we get to “Power Windows” and the album that finally breaks my patience with Rush…

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