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Verity and Daddy Write a Book

Had a very productive morning with Verity as we worked on our first proper creative collaboration with each other. Verity produced her own book yesterday, an illustrated tome filled with sketches of penguins, but we thought it lacked a story. So we sat down and worked out a little story and I came up with the words, while Verity did all the writing and illustrations. The book is called “Penguins Catch Fish!” and we shall have it finished tomorrow as we don’t want to exhaust our creativity.

Though at one point I thought our collaboration was going to be short-lived as we had our first experience of “artistic differences”. I never thought I’d find myself arguing with a three-and-a-half year-old over the plot of a children’s book.

Life – innit, marvellous?!?!

Father’s Day 2011

Here's my new mug

My favourite picture of the kids on a mug...

Come fly with me...

This is a model plane Verity and myself made this afternoon.

Empire Avenue


If you are wondering what that piece of code is there, it is because I am messing around with Empire Avenue – a virtual share trading game that uses social networking as its foundation stone. I am not sure what to make of it. There’s a lot to process, but if you want to join in and buy some shares in me (I’ll return the favour) you can find me at:


Let’s make lots of money!

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