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Silent Night

This is a track I recorded a decade ago and I have made a little video to accompany it. Season’s greeting to all those who come here and follow me and I hope you have a prosperous New Year.

Watch in glorious 1080p HD video

Silent Night EP cover

Festive ambient drones from yours truly...

I have released this track as part of an EP, which includes two versions of the song and a digital download of the video in HD resolution. You can purchase said EP from the link below:


The Progressive Rock Advent Calendar

Christmas has been cancelled this year and instead has been replaced by “Progmas”. Father Progmas (or Santa Chords) is introducing the new advent calendar now. You just visit the video on YouTube and click the respective window for each day of advent, each window opening to reveal a tasty prog-rock related festive video clip.

Click here for Progmas Advent Fun!

App Review – A Charlie Brown Christmas [iPad]

I am a big fan of Charlie Brown and his seasonal specials and so when I heard there was a new app based on the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, I just had to buy it and share the experience with my daughter. This is my short review and I really enjoyed my time with this app – so this why I made this video.

Click here for 720p quality

You can jump to the app in iTunes by clicking here.