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24-05-13 Improvisation – Yesterday’s Blue

Daft little workout just to test a new two camera set-up I’m thinking of working with for my next project.

You can download the tune from here: https://soundcloud.com/vrooom/24-05-13-improvisation


11-10-12 Improvisation [Featuring Godin Glissentar & Boss RC-300]

This is meant to be more about atmosphere than melody…

07-10-12 Improvisation [Godin Glissentar & Boss RC-300 Loopstation]

Another day, another improvisation. What can you do about it, eh?

05-04-12 Improvisation [featuring Godin Multiac ACS SA, Roland VG-99 and Boss RC-300]

Here I am once again in improvisational territory trying my best to let my subconscious mind guide my weary fingers.

Please enjoy this for what it is.

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Prog Review 46: Insofar / Side 1 – Sundog

I am a big fan of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra and its new incarnation helmed by Arthur Jeffes, son of the late Simon Jeffes who was the original proprietor of the PCO. Sundog is an off-shoot project from Arthur Jeffes and I had the good fortune to see them play last year. This short EP won’t be for everyone but it fuses new age with the avant garde and gives a strong nod to the works of Glass and Nyman.

For more details and samples, head over to the iTunes page: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/insofar-side-1/id506083045

For glorious 720p HD quality

Title Music:
“Stinkhorn” by Darren Lock

Background Music:
“Open Field”

All music has been written and recorded by Darren Lock and is used by permission because I am that Darren Lock who wrote and recorded this music. Ha ha ha ha!

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Return of the Snapdragon

YouTube viewer RyanYardComposer, did a review of my music and remarked how he enjoyed the track “Snapdragon”. He mentioned a few of the technical limitations of the piece so I thought it would be a good idea to return to that stamping ground and improvise a piece where I layer acoustic notes on top of each other. It’s kind of a nod to Terry Riley and the ilk, I guess.


Watch in glorious 720p HD quality

Return of the Snapdragon EP cover

Look at the pretty colours...

The “Return of the Snapdragon EP” includes this track as well as two other improvised pieces in this style and also includes a free digital HD download of the “Return of the Snapdragon” video.

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This is the cover to my album "Steady State of Flux"

Something delicate on the verge of change...

I have this folder on my desktop where I drop all the mixes of tracks that I produce. It’s a bit of a virtual slush pile and every so often I have a listen and see what I’ve got. Last night, I realised I had nearly enough for a new collection of tunes, but this time around the collection was a bit more mellower than my previous efforts. So I had a sort through some of my other unused tracks and found a couple that were never used (one track “Sketch of Satie” dates back to 2006) which seemed to fit with the current vibe.

The new album is called “Steady State of Flux” which is a contradiction in itself and I managed to take the picture of the dandelion the other day whilst in the garden. It seemed to illustrate my point, something that is delicate but in a state of immediate flux.

Well there you go. You can visit the album page which is here.

You can listen to the album using the player below and if you feel particularly supportive you might want to buy a digital copy. No? OK, it was worth a try…

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