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You can get your own copy of this excellent box set here:

For this episode of Live Listen, I refresh my lugholes with the debut album from King Crimson.

This is a classic prog album and this was requested by eddiemurphyfan100 among others. As well as talking about the album, I also look at the 40th Anniversary Boxset and do an unboxing of that. It’s a big feast to get through but well worth it. Yum!

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Title Music:
“Stinkhorn” by Darren Lock

Background Music:
“A Nest of Vipers”
“Wordless Through Starry Trees”
“Steady State of Flux”
“Fantasia One”
“Amongst the Stars”
“One Brain”
“The Mist Suite”

All music has been written and recorded by Darren Lock and is used by permission because I am that Darren Lock who wrote and recorded this music. If I could figure out how to give myself permission and prove conclusively to YouTube that I am the artiste in question I would do it. What do they want….blood?

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