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18-02-14 Improvisation 2

Even more noodling…

18-02-14 Improvisation

The last track for "The Day Before the Rain".

More 8-string guitar noodling.

17-01-14 Improvisation “Is There Anybody Out There?”

More insipid noodling from yours truly…

Free download from: https://soundcloud.com/vrooom/17-01-14-improvisation-is

11-08-13 A Month of Sundays [with Boss RC-300 Loopstation & Digitech Timebender]

More noodling about…

21-07-13 Improvisation [Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI & Godin Multiac Spectrum]

An improvisation featuring the Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI, the Korg Wavedrum Global Edition, the Boss RC-300 Loopstation and the Godin Multiac Spectrum SA.

12-07-13 Improvisation [featuring Fender Bass VI & Korg Wavedrum]

Here I am noodling around but this time with added Wavedrum!

09-07-2012 Improvisation “A Blossoming Scenario” featuring Boss RC-300 Loopstation

Here’s me doing my usual noodling thing – trying to get back into the groove to produce some more music for an album. Ho hum…

Song title by Inspiro (the iPad App)

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