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My Thoughts on the Nintendo Wii U

Video console launches are few and far between, so this is a bit of a departure from my normal output. I ponied up the money for the new Nintendo Wii U and here are my thoughts after playing with the unit for 24 hours.

You can get your Nintendo Wii U from here: http://bit.ly/wiiuconsoles

OnLive Cloud Gaming System – Unboxing and Review

I meant to upload this video a while back and it got lost in my “to do” pile. The concept of cloud gaming isn’t a new one and I remember when I was a games journalist a couple of vapourware systems using internet to deliver games content but they never appeared.

The OnLive system is incredibly clever and anyone with a PC (laptop or desktop) of almost any vintage, or even an Intel Mac can play the games. There are a multitude of games to play and there’s even a monthly access pass that gives you discounts and some games to play for free.

The downside is that you do need a fast broadband connection to play, but the hardware player that you can buy (I got mine for free as part of an introductory offer) works well and the controller feels chunky and responsive in your hands.

I think OnLive is great, but unfortunately it is about a decade ahead of the game and I believe that it will never have the popularity of its console rivals as many gamers are still hooked on tangible product.

But this is the future of gaming, it just arrived 10 years early.

View in glorious 1080p HD quality