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Now have the shirt off my back…

I realised that I’ve got all this artwork at my disposal and it is really easy to put said artwork onto T-shirts that I created my own T-Shirt shop. I’ll probably not sell any but it was a thrill just to see Verity jump up and down with joy when she saw her own picture adorning a T-shirt. But check out the designs, and if you like them buy a shirt and help a poor artist out.

This is the direct link: http://lock.spreadshirt.co.uk

Or give this a go instead:

Our products are produced and dispatched by Spreadshirt, the platform for personalised t-shirt printing.

I’ve been putting it off for a long time but I’ve decided to use my Bandcamp profile I set up a few years ago. Today, I uploaded “The Luckiest Man in the World” which you can download for the bargain price of £5. But more importantly, you can listen to the whole thing in fairly decent quality, all the way through. It’s a special set of recordings for me, so please check them out and pass the link on. Click on the big smiling face below to absorb the goodness…


The Luckiest Man in the World


Of course, if you want this for free, you can use this handy voucher code to get it for nowt. All I want in return is your email address so I can add it to my contact database. Mwaahaahahhahaa!


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