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17-01-14 Improvisation “Is There Anybody Out There?”

More insipid noodling from yours truly…

Free download from: https://soundcloud.com/vrooom/17-01-14-improvisation-is

11-08-13 A Month of Sundays [with Boss RC-300 Loopstation & Digitech Timebender]

More noodling about…

21-07-13 Improvisation [Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI & Godin Multiac Spectrum]

An improvisation featuring the Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI, the Korg Wavedrum Global Edition, the Boss RC-300 Loopstation and the Godin Multiac Spectrum SA.

12-07-13 Improvisation [featuring Fender Bass VI & Korg Wavedrum]

Here I am noodling around but this time with added Wavedrum!

Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI Videos

As it is my birthday this week, The Missus allowed me to spend the kids’ inheritance on a new guitar. Here are a couple of videos of me playing the new guitar.

This is the very first few minutes of me trying my new Fender Bass VI for size. I know I don’t need any more guitars, but it is my birthday this week and I just could resist this beautiful instrument.

Stay till the end for a very special guest appearance! 😉

This is me improvising later with the Fender Bass VI into a Digitech Timebender and the Boss RC-300 Loopstation to create a new tune.

17-10-12 Improvisation [Godin Glissentar & Boss RC-300 Loopstation]

More jiggery pokery….

11-10-12 Improvisation [Featuring Godin Glissentar & Boss RC-300]

This is meant to be more about atmosphere than melody…