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Music Software Review: Apple Pro Logic 9

As requested, I start looking and blabbering inanely about music software in an attempt to look even more self-important than usual. This time I flap my chops at Apple Logic Pro 9.

You can get yours here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/logic-pro/id459578486?mt=12

iRig MIC Cast – Unboxing, Test and Review

Get your iRig MIC Cast from here: http://amzn.to/irigicast

I had some spare promo points at IK Multimedia’s website and was interested in this little add-on microphone for the iPod, iPhone and iPad. In this video, I unbox the product, test it and give my thoughts on it too. All in one lovely, delicious viddy of fun. Enjoy!

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Windows 8 Release Preview – Installation on Apple Mac with Parallels

The latest version of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Release Preview has been made available and seeing as I’ve covered it before, I thought I’d do it ALL OVER AGAIN, just to see if there are any improvements to the Windows 8 OS.

You can get yours from:


And if you are not familiar with Parallels for Mac head over to:


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New Apple iPad Sneak Peak & Demonstration

Here I am demonstrating a demo version of the new Apple iPad. Enjoy!

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LaCIE 2big Thunderbolt 4Tb RAID External Drive Unboxing

Here I am unboxing and showing the LaCIE 2big Thunderbolt 4Tb RAID drive I recently purchased as an upgrade to my current NAS system. Who knew that video editing would take up so much data?

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Music used in this video:

The Mist Suite by Darren Lock

You can purchase this music from: http://music.darrenlock.com/album/the-stinkhorn-ep

I recorded this track and give full permission for its commercial use on my own YouTube channel. I’m only putting this disclaimer here to stop YouTube pulling my video or one of the minions from a music rights company claiming my track as their own (which has happened before).

App Review – A Charlie Brown Christmas [iPad]

I am a big fan of Charlie Brown and his seasonal specials and so when I heard there was a new app based on the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, I just had to buy it and share the experience with my daughter. This is my short review and I really enjoyed my time with this app – so this why I made this video.

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You can jump to the app in iTunes by clicking here.

Google Music Threatens Music BizTM & iTunes

Google, the people that brought Google (the search engine), Google+ (nope, still don’t know what it is for) and YouTube launched its own music service. Google Music is in beta mode at the moment but threatens iTunes dominance by allowing users to upload 20,000 songs to the cloud for FREE.

The really interesting thing about Google Music is that it will have an “Artist Hub” that will allow musicians pro and amateur to sell their wares via Google and the Android Store. The really great thing is that there will be a one-off $25 fee for this service and any profits you make from your music will be split 70/30 with Google getting the latter percentage. A good deal, I think.

What makes this service tantalising is if Google integrates it fully into YouTube and Google+ as this would give musicians a way of creating a social hub and sell their music in one fell swoop.

Of course, Google has a history of non-starter projects so it could be that Google Music just fizzles out and collapses under the weight of expectation, leaving iTunes to dominate the market. Who knows? Only time will tell…

For more info, truck over to: http://music.google.com/artists

Watch this in 720p HD quality.

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“Snapdragon” by Darren Lock

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