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The David Bowie Primer

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The Who Primer

You can buy all your favourite Who albums here: http://bit.ly/thewhoshop

I forgot to mention the epic “Live at Leeds” album, which is probably one of the greatest live albums ever made, but what can you do about it eh? That’s what I get for working without a script!

Why do you like vinyl albums?

Dan-what’s-his-face asked why the interest in vinyl? So here I am trying to explain its appeal.

The Queen Primer

You can buy all your favourite Queen albums from here:http://bit.ly/queenalbums

This primer was requested so here I am flapping my piehole and trying to figure out which Queen albums you should all go and buy. OK?


Oooooooh, flash!

In an effort to get with the times and feebly push my sodding music on an uncaring world, I have added nifty carousel gizmo in the header space above which should allow the visitor to scroll through my various albums and listen to them at music.darrenlock.com. Yes, you can also just zip over to music.darrenlock.com and have a gander at me back catalogue. It’s OK, you don’t have to buy anything and there are a couple of freebies in there somewhere…