Fly From Here album cover

It's been a decade since the last Yes album!

Apparently, there’s a new Yes album coming out next month. It’s “Fly From Here” and it features a line-up that consists of a singer from a tribute band replacing Jon Anderson and Geoff Downes (he did a stint for one album) who elbowed Oliver Wakeman from the keyboard rack.

I must admit that since the band did away with Jon Anderson after his near-fatal respiratory attack a few years back and his subsequent replacement, the band has kind of fell off my radar. So last night, I came across a story from Rolling Stone about the new album and single that had been released.

When I heard the song I was surprised how good it sounded and thought that maybe I’d got it wrong this time, that my presumptions that a new Yes album would be an utter disappointment.

“This sounds like they’ve harnessed some of the energy from the Drama-era band,” I thought.

And then I started to think it sounded like something else, and eventually found that the band had played this on their Drama tour back in 1980 and then The Buggles had in fact released the song on the “Adventures in Modern Recording” album that I had in my archive.

So I am finding it amusing that a progressive rock band is dedicating half an album to a song that is over 30 years old. But if the idea is a good one, I guess there’s no reason for it to be revived from the archive and dusted off.

And now the band has released some previews for us all to hear:

Fly From Here: Overture by yestheband

Fly From Here part I – We Can Fly (Preview Snippet) by yestheband

Fly From Here part 2 – Sad Night at the Airfield (Preview Snippet) by yestheband

Fly From Here part 3 – Madman at the Screens (Preview Snippet) by yestheband

Fly From Here part 4 – Bumpy Ride (Preview Snippet) by yestheband