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Prog Review 166 – Close to the Edge SACD – Yes

You can get your copy of this SACD from here:http://bit.ly/closetotheedgesacd

I was quite excited to give this a spin, despite waiting an inordinate amount of time for it to arrive, but did it fly or did it flop? The only way is to watch the video!


My Thoughts on the Nintendo Wii U

Video console launches are few and far between, so this is a bit of a departure from my normal output. I ponied up the money for the new Nintendo Wii U and here are my thoughts after playing with the unit for 24 hours.

You can get your Nintendo Wii U from here: http://bit.ly/wiiuconsoles

First Look – Journey to the Centre of the Earth Fan Pack – Rick Wakeman

You can buy your copy from here: http://bit.ly/journeyfanpack

It’s time for another fanpack and this time Rick Wakeman re-records his classic album “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” and adds an extra twenty minutes of music to the mix.

Here I am opening the pack and having a delve inside. Enjoy!

Prog Review 144 – Seconds Out – Genesis

You can buy your copy of this album from here: http://bit.ly/secondsout

In a belated attempt to celebrate the 35th anniversary of “Seconds Out” by Genesis, I take a peak at the new 2012 vinyl edition, the 2009 remaster and the 1999 Japanese mini-LP edition.

Prog Review 139 – Thick as a Brick 40th Anniversary CD & DVD Set

Another year passes and another Jethro Tull album needs to be reviewed. At this rate, it will be 2031 by the time I get through most of their discography!

You can get your copy of this marvellous set from here: http://bit.ly/thickasabrick40th

Pressure Point [2012]

Ho hum…another 48 minutes of music no-one wants to listen to…

Prog Review 129: The Crimson Chronicles [iPad App] – Tony Levin

Here’s something a little different. This is the new iPad app from Tony Levin which turns his photography book “The Crimson Chronicles” into a more interactive experience.

You can get the app from here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/tony-levins-crimson-chronicles/id556662916?mt=8